Product Ready

Our experience has shaped our dual operational support model – Innovate and Operate which takes the best of Development and building architecture.

Being Agile Driven

We use our own methodology which is based on LEAN and Agile practices to validate ideas and concepts for your solutions. We can show you how to visualize a version of the end state while minimizing waste.

Managed Services

Our approach to operations goes beyond just managing to SLAs, and looks for opportunities to incrementally improve performance and stability.

Customer Engagement

Data is siloed in separate tools, making it difficult to understand exactly who your customers are and what motivates their actions.

Are you looking to implement data driven software solution? We’re expert in delivering the best that fits your problem.

We can provision a secure environment for your organisation, using AWS cloud or GCP. We will integrate your disparate data sources – using Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), delivering a governed environment with a business glossary, data profiling and data lineage. All of your information will remain within your AWS VPC and in your control.

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Data & Analytics Strategy

We make milestones to achieve your data for business value.

Data Governance

Improve decision making and productivity by building a framework that ensures the security and integrity of your data.

AI Data Vision

Solve your business problem with fine-tuned vision capabilities

Cognitive & Natural lang. Processing

Take text analytics to the next level with NLP to determine the meaning of phrases and core messaging in tweets and narrative.

Social Data Analysis

Analysing your messaging, marketing strategy and customer service with AI.

Cloud Transform

We take a technology agnostic approach to developing products and services to transform into cloud technology.

Data changing the perception

Understand your data with intuitive dashboards enabling you to interpret data and provide business insights. Decision trees to Bayesian networks, from supervised to unsupervised and reinforced learning delivered at scale

With CloudZies

Provides you a highly customized version of AI based data experience to Transform and operationalise your analytics capabilities from interpreting the past to forecasting future behaviour.

No Matter What

All we do is win

We partner with leading cloud and container vendors including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services. Partnering with all providers allows CloudZies to offer customised, tailored cloud offerings with the best cloud configuration available on the market.

We believe we have the scale to meet requirements but are responsive enough to provide focused outcomes which deliver value, despite the complexity of rapidly evolving technologies.